Twenty-five paintings you stumble across in the foyer of the library at the community centre this morning are energising, straight and pure. Isn’t that the yakitori man and his wife with the outdoor grill, whose shop is next door to the raisin bread bakery off Tawaramachi crossing? And look at the work by the playful pointilist. Her bird’s eye view of a yakatabune restaurant-boat emerging from the green bridge railing, with its angles, planes, block colours and perspective is like an ukiyo-e woodblock (and what do you know, Hokusai was also a Sumida River local). The works are from elementary schools across Taito-ku, by children in Year 3 – that’s aged about nine. They were asked to paint on themes including the Sumida River, Festivals, Buildings, and “Tasty.” Nine-hundred-and-nine entries came in.

Painting YakitoriAsakusa no Daisukina Yakitoriya (My Favourite Asakusa Yakitoriya) 髙橋佳瑚

Painting KaminarimonAme Agari no Kaminarimon (Kaminarimon After the Rain) 𡈽田天

Painting Skytree viewIe Kara Mieru Skytree (Skytree from My Home) 岡本めぐ

Painting YanagibashiYanagi no Kirei na Yanagibashi (Willow Bridge with Beautiful Willow) 神谷快

Main painting: Umayabashi Kara Mita Sumida-gawa (Sumida River from the Umaya Bridge) 富山瑠子

Apologies for reflections in the plastic. The show runs until Dec 25 at Taito-ku Shougai Gakushu Centre, 3-25-16 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku