You didn’t go around Kuramae on this year’s first Saturday expecting to find First Saturday, did you, because of course you know First Saturday this month is January 11.

By the river at the occasional gallery and photographers’ space Kawauso, you can play shooting arcade with pop guns and targets by Jiro Yoshida, which may include some unusual daruma dolls. Photographers Shoji Onuma and Yasufumi Manda will serve sake, coffee and oden. In the same building there’s Salvia‘s monthly shop featuring special things in fabric by La Mano. Up the road at in-Kyo there will be sake-tasting of the new season’s batch from Fukushima, as well as accessories and small furnishings. And down the road at Newold Stock there’s unique paper bags. A little further afield off Kuramae Dori past Torigoe Shrine, check out the original white tableware by SyuRo. Or just take a random shot…anywhere on the map is bound to yield something of interest.

Thanks to Salvia for the graphic