He looks a little surprised, the gentleman in the blue suit, as well he might, because suddenly you speak to him, as he is walking on the footpath near Inaricho, as you have to share what you have seen, a strange phenomenon, and you utter the word, Rainbow, and point to the sky on this otherwise perfectly clear day, though he doesn’t know what you’re talking about of course, so who wouldn’t be a bit wary?

rainbow point4

And then he looks where you point, and he quickly points too. Goodness gracious, he says, or words like that. Well, I’ll be! On a day like this. That really is a rainbow! And not just any rainbow, he says. He stops. Indeed, it’s like a straight line! He pulls out his phone. Do you think it will come out? He takes some shots then turns to you and swings his hand through an upward arc. Hahaha, he says. It’s almost like an upside down rainbow!

Well, see you around, mister. Hahaha, Yes goodbye, he says. The way he looks conveys a sense of anticipation. It’d be nice if this means something good is going to happen, he says.

rainbow point2rainbow bridge

rainbow point1

(Possibly see also Circumhorizontal arc)