Do you like this grey shop frame, my dad made it, he is a metalworker. We removed the entire facade and fitted it. We moved into this shop last September. Sol’s Coffee stands for Serendipity of Life. I don’t think about having days off. This is my life. I like a bit of tension. If I rest it makes me tired, it’s hard to get going again. Sometimes I nap during the day. But here I can do everything. I make coffee, eat cake, bake bread and sandwiches, my friends come in, I can sing, I can do so many things. We did an event in the upstairs gallery space, with a video jockey, and I sang. I am planning to put on a festival by the river. The Boston-Japan Festival. We run Sol’s Sounds – commercial music production. We roast beans with our new roasting machine. We bought it through crowd funding before moving here. We raised two million yen, that’s not bad, right? We are still a long way from paying it back. It’s not easy. But there are many ways to do it. We could make you a song if you invested, or give you coffee tickets, or host seminars, create gifts. Our coffee blend is Guatemala, Ethiopia, Peru, Sumatra. I don’t go for this light-roast, third-wave coffee stuff. We do espresso. I learned in Australia. Our coffee is no-wave.

Sols Coffee, 3-25-7 Asakusabashi closed Wed