People come to Sensoji for all sorts of reasons. Superstition that your illness will be cured by the incense smoke from the cauldron of the goddess would rank high after ordinary tourism. But who’s to argue against a bit of blind belief?

Could be just the thing to get you moving and focus your mind on wellness. When Yuuzo Fujii spots you looking at him quizzically he steps out from the crowd and says, You want to take my picture? He’s keen to talk. He says, I came down from Yamanashi prefecture for a cancer operation. Oesophageal. Strokes his beard. So I will pray, then go in for my surgery tomorrow. It was a bit of a blow, let me tell you, to learn what I had. He’s 78 on August 23. He’ll stay with his sister then go back. From his home he can see Mt Fuji, and photographs it every day.

He pulls out an old digital point-and-shoot. A cheap Canon, he says dismissively. Fifteen thousand yen. He flicks through the screen. Here, he shows you. Mt. Fuji foregrounded by an ethereal, flying-saucer shaped cloud. He likes pottery. He says, You know, Yuriko Matsuda comes from my parts. Another name to look up. Turns out she’s pretty interesting; offbeat and energetic, just like him. Get well soon Yuuzo!