Rock and Shrine: an exhibition

Readin’ Writin’ Bookstore Tawaramachi (Ginza Line)
Dec 04 – 16 2018
Monday closed
2-4-7 Kotobuki Taito-ku Tokyo
tel 03-6321-7798
東京都台東区寿2-4-7 (地下鉄銀座線、田原町駅)

Tokyo writer/street photographer Mark Robinson’s black-and-white series juxtaposes new photographs of the rainswept national treasure Kamosu Shrine in Matsue with the two-man “No-Wave” band Friction performing in Shibuya. Two themes, outwardly incongruous, share a spiritual energy in their wordless communication, stillness amid noise.

The exhibition includes 15 lambda prints from film negatives and an ambient soundtrack specially composed by celebrated New York-based electronic musician Ikue Mori. A slim hand-bound book of the images, designed by Andrew Pothecary, printed on washi paper and hand-bound, together with texts by Robinson and Alfred Birnbaum, is available. Price 1,800 yen, email for details.

東京在住のジャーナリストであり、近年は写真でも様々な対象を記録しているマーク・ロビンソンの最新の作品は、雨に烟る「神魂(かもす)神社」(国宝/島根県松江市)とノー・ウェーブ・ロックの二人ユニット「Friction」 の渋谷でのライブを白黒写真で捉え並置したものです。