Deep-fried in spongy sheets or raw and silken-cool; seared and crumbly, or as juicy dumplings…the tofu products by Yuriko Takami and her family at Takami Shokuhin have been a Kuramae staple for about one hundred years. Yuriko also supplies a sushi restaurant, as well as her son’s izakaya Kikyou in Asakusa. A lucky cat brings quality control. Um, well perhaps it brings luck. There’s also creamy soy milk ready-to-go, warm as mother’s milk.

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Tofuya tofuTofuya catTofuya long

Takami Shokuhin is next door to M+ leather goods, 3-3-6 Kuramae, Taito-ku tel 03-3862-1087. Open 0700-1300; 1600-1900. Info in Japanese